The brief for this project was to design a four bedroom house, which suited the near rectangular sloping site. The clients wished for a house that set itself apart from the existing older houses in the street, whilst working to their budget.

The pool was located to the rear of the property, and through the use of decks and platforms an outdoor entertaining area has been created. The main living areas are located on the upper floor and directly open out to the deck and pool beyond.

To draw light into the kitchen and living areas three high level windows were installed above the deck roof; inside these windows allow the light to enter through three shafts carved into the living room ceiling.

The master bedroom is located on the ground floor on the western side of the house. Being a shift worker, the client was concerned about solar heat gain into the bedroom during the day. Therefore, a 400mm thick angular wall was incorporated into the external facade to create a thermal barrier to insulate against the afternoon sun.